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Nov 3, 2021

Paris, France


Euro Legal Counsel Group and The Donovan Law Office, spearheaded respectively by Randy Yaloz and Maureen Donovan have recently joined forces in the French market in the heart of Paris’ Saint Germain Latin Quarter in order to provide a broader spectrum of services to their international clients.

The collaboration of the two firms will no doubt be an asset to the French as well as other European clients interested in transitioning their businesses abroad and in particular the U.S.  The Donovan Law Office specializing in U.S. immigration and the Euro Legal Counsel Group’s 25 year history of assisting clients in the areas of French, EU and US Intellectual Property, Information Technologies and Transnational Investment and Business Transactional Work will make an excellent team and be the perfect combination of humanizing major life transitions through our strong customer service and relationships.  

With the United States reopening again on November 8, 2021, America will once again be able to enjoy the benefit of foreign talent that is the crux of many businesses in the United States. Randy Yaloz and Maureen Donovan and their teams are open to consultations to assist anyone interested in moving forward with projects in Europe and abroad. Our firms are dedicated to excellence and look forward to serving you.


At the Donovan Law Office, we focus exclusively on immigration law and provide quality legal services that are affordable and effective. We use our knowledge and experience to help immigrants obtain and keep legal status in the United States. We help immigrants and their families establish legal residence in the U.S. through adjustment of status (“green cards”), family-based visas, work visas, student visas and visitor visas.

Our firm works directly with individuals and companies to guide them through the non immigrant, immigrant visa (green card) and naturalization processes. We specialize in the National Interest Waiver and have been responsible for the successful transaction of clients in a variety of industry professions.


A French Anglo-Saxon International Law Firm specializing in Intellectual Property. Law is always evolving. What is not protected today could be tomorrow and vice-versa. Your lawyer will help you to foresee and project into the future the actions to be taken and the obstacles to avoid, especially in terms of timing, whether it be a patent, artwork, a business model, a trademark or a design.

Furthermore, keep in mind that from a legal perspective, only the work or the final creation will be protected and not the initial idea upon which it is based. In order to protect your concept, your lawyer will develop the best strategy based on applicable law and the specifications of the business and marketplace. Thanks to this strategic analysis, your lawyer will help you shape, construct and assemble the legal nuts and bolts of your project and stay involved throughout the lifetime of your project.

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