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Conversation in Court

For the Donovan Law Office, immigration is a personal process. The information shared is strictly confidential and can be an emotional journey to achieving success. The real meaning of the immigration process is legally transitioning your life to another country. We stand by our commitment and honor your journey, family and career path. 


We have successfully transitioned clients from over 50+ countries. 


​​"Maureen has been responsible for two successful extensions on my O-1 visa processes as well as a successful National Interest Exception to allow my recent entry into the US. She has an exceptional command of the knowledge and intricacies that it takes to comply with US immigration requirements. I would highly recommend her expertise to a company or individual that is in need of hiring professionals in the extraordinary ability category or EB1 classifications . In addition , she has a mastery of immigration on both the French and US territories which is quite unique."

- Bruno Cohen, Chairman, Galien Foundation


“Thanks to Maureen and the Donovan Law Office for successfully representing me for the US EB2 NIW (National Interest Waiver) Green Card. I highly recommend her to corporates and individuals and I believe she is one of the best immigration lawyers with a proven track record.  She is professional, very thorough, and knowledgeable in US immigration laws and is committed to impeccable documentation and petitions with guaranteed success.”

- Farhad Esmaeili, Senior Development Geologist 


“Maureen represented me on the National Interest Waiver (NIW) EB2 process which culminated in the granting of my Green Card. Her dedication and readiness to positively impact her clients lives makes Maureen the best immigration attorney you can ask for."

- Sheila Montilla, Leadership Development 


"Thanks to Maureen who has been very professional in working on my E2 visa files. I got it with a special mention giving me full access to the USA. It became crucial to come to Houston for the business, Maureen helped me a lot in getting here. I would recommend Maureen as she is an expert in terms of immigration. Living in Paris and being American she has a very good understanding of both cultures.” 

- Didier Boutin, Chief Executive Officer, Inter360 Group 


"Maureen is an exceptional immigration lawyer. She represented me and my family on our application for a green card under the EB2 National Interest Waiver category (self-sponsored). She is very responsive and always attends to any doubts/questions immediately. She has an extensive expertise in US immigration Law that helps navigate every situation with confidence.  I highly recommend Maureen to anyone in need of immigration law assistance." 

- Albert Perez Baucells, Global Executive Leader, Entrepreneur 

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