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At the Donovan Law Office, we focus exclusively on immigration law and provide quality legal services that are affordable and effective. We use our knowledge and experience to help immigrants obtain and keep legal status in the United States.


We help immigrants and their families establish legal residence in the U.S. through adjustment of status (“green cards”), family-based visas, work visas, student visas and visitor visas. Our firm works directly with individuals and companies to guide them through the non immigrant, immigrant visa (green card) and naturalization processes.

We specialize in the National Interest Waiver and have been responsible for the successful transaction of clients in a variety of industry professions.


Meet the Founder

Attorney at Law, Consultant & Entrepreneur ​


Maureen Donovan has successfully founded and managed three companies, Maureen Carol School of Dance, Donovan Law Office and Donovan Immigration Conseil in the United States, France and the Netherlands and now Maureen Donovan Consulting. She has built an extensive global network after traveling to over 30 countries and living in 4 different global cities. She has resided in Europe over the last 10 years and continues to serve her clients’ U.S. immigration needs; in addition to assisting global companies in their endeavor to launch their brand in the worldwide market. 


Over the last 20 years, Maureen Donovan has been responsible for the successful transition of clients from over 52 countries. What distinguishes Donovan Law Office immigration practice from other immigration firms is Maureen’s first hand experience in understanding the challenges in transitioning your entire life to another country as her offices and staff have met these challenges in other locations around the world.

As an experienced world citizen, Ms. Donovan firmly understands the challenges and needs of transitioning professionals to a new culture, climate and work environment. Presently, there are many exciting opportunities involving immigration that continue to motivate her as she expands Donovan Law’s growth efforts around the United States, Europe and the Middle East. 


Ms. Donovan completed her Juris Doctor degree in International Law & Legal Studies, Bachelor's degree in Business Administration & Management and she is licensed to practice Law in the United States and her work around the world is performed on a consultant basis.

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